Zhu De's Former Residence

Zhu De's Former Residence was built in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing Dynasty (AD 1820), is the ancestor Zhu from Guangdong to Sichuan's second residence, has been 190 years of history. This is a ride south of civil structure houses, typical Kawakita small farm house. 9-year-old Zhu from the beginning lived here for a full 14 years, spent his teenage years. According to the original appearance of the house away from home when Zhu Zhu De and his family displays used items, plaques lintel above the main room of the Department of generation writer Guo autograph book donated, house side of "double cypress", "gem well" is Zhu year labor, life learning witness thereof. In 1988 the State Council promulgated a national key cultural relics protection units.